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Aladdin Dream - Chocolate Tray

Aladdin Dream - Chocolate Tray


Often simplicity is exactly what one needs. Aladdin's Dream is a post iftar delight that anyone will adore. It is graciously topped with a selection of sweets and chocolate treats to satisfy your Ramadan chocolate cravings! This Ramadan chocolate tray will be a blessing on every iftar table.
You get:

  • 1175 grams of 100% premium Belgian milk and dark chocolate and sweets
  • Flavors: crushed hazlenuts, pistachio croquant and a pecan, biscuits and caramel, pistachio malban with nougat, marzipan and an almond, and chocolate-coated coffee beans
  • Displayed on an elegant ready-for-gifting velvet turquoise tray

With this Ramadan chocolate tray, you'll be indulging your guests or hosts in a sweets heaven!

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