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Tea Time Perfection Gift Set

Tea Time Perfection Gift Set


Ever wondered what to gift your hosts when you are invited to a Ramadan iftar? We got you covered with our luxurious sweets and tea Ramadan gift set. This one is a blessing in disguise; the perfect post iftar tea and sweets combination. Lavishly packed with a selection of the finest tea china, nougat and malban, it will be the best surprise out there!

You get:

  • 375 grams of assorted nutty and fruity nougat and malban
  • Flavors: Apricot malban, dried roses malban, pistachio malban with sesame seeds, pistachio malban, pistachio malban with nougat.
  • Packaged in an elegant ready-for-gifting vibrant box

Indulging in this sweets gift set will definitely make your gift receivers ask for more!

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