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Tea Time - Ceramic Teapot with Sweets

Tea Time - Ceramic Teapot with Sweets


Often, a lovely packaging is simply too hard to resist! This traditional and vibrant teapot is stashed with a selection of the finest nougat and malban sweets that will delight your taste buds. Generously stuffed with the best nutty and sweet combinations of nougat, anyone who tastes this deliciousness will be coming back for more.

You get:

  • 400 grams of assorted malban and nougat
  • Flavors: Apricot malban, pistachio malban with nougat, pistachio malban, and pistachio nougat
  • Packaged in a ready-for-gifting red ceramic teapot that will be perfect for future tea time.

With this luscious sweets gift, you get two in one: candied sweets and an adorable teapot!

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