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Tawlet Zaher - Assorted Sweets Gift Box

Tawlet Zaher - Assorted Sweets Gift Box


Inspired by the good old days of any Lebanese household, this assorted chocolate gift box is beautifully garnished with Abou El Abed, Em el Abed, backgammon, coffee cups patterns that will take anyone to a trip down memory lane. Packed with a luscious assortment of nutty nouget sweets and malban, this vibrant box will be the best gift to seal the night at a Ramadan iftar.

You get:

  • 380 grams of assorted nougat and malban sweets
  • Flavors: Apricot malban, pistachio malban with nougat, pistachio malban, pistachio nougat, dried roses malban, pistachio malban with sesame seeds.
  • Packaged in a ready-for-gifting box

After enjoying this sweets gift set, your hosts will be asking for more!

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