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Simply Silver - Assorted Chocolate & Sweets Tray

Simply Silver - Assorted Chocolate & Sweets Tray


A heavenly taste with each mouthful. You will not be able to skip dessert with this delicious selection of assorted chocolate concoctions that combine the flavors of the Middle East and the Wild West. This starry silver tray is generously packed with premium Belgium milk chocolate and an eclectic selection of sweets. There's no better way to end your iftar than with this delightful chocolate tray.
You get:

  • 960 grams mix of 100% Belgium milk chocolate and a combination of sweets
  • Flavors: Luscious strawberry cheesecake, crispy crêpes, apricot malban, pistachio malban with sesame seeds, dried roses malban.
  • Elegantly displayed on a luxurious silver tray garnished with cups filled with chocolate madness

Let this chocolate assortment be the perfect end to a relaxing Ramadan night. It is also a great gift to take along for an iftar invitation.

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