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Serene Blessings - Medium Chocolate Tray

Serene Blessings - Medium Chocolate Tray


My Number One - Medium Chocolate Tray

Mama, you’re my number one. Let your mom indulge into this generous chocolate arrangement, filled to the
brim with mouthwatering chocolates we just know she won’t be able to keep her hands off! A perfect blend
between creamy and crunchy, these are the Belgian chocolate of her dreams, presented in the most stunning
way with colorful tulips.
You get:
● A wooden tray
● 850 grams of premium Belgian milk chocolate
● Three variants: Milk chocolate with biscuits and caramel, luscious pancake cream and crispy crêpes
We all know moms love gifts that can be reused. This is the perfect opportunity to satisfy her cravings and
give her a gift that you know she’ll display at home!

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