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Lavender Love - Small

Lavender Love - Small


Lavender Love Confections

Picture yourself in a lavender field of lavender plants… can you smell it? That lush scent? Now open your eyes, because with this endearing chocolate basket you won’t have to imagine anymore. Beautifully organized with a captivating background of lavender leaves, this basket contains delicious Belgian chocolates filled with chocolate wafers, almond croquants, fudge brownies, Nutella with hazelnuts, smooth lotus cream, Nutella enrobed with crispy crêpes, and sugared almonds.

You get:

  • 500 grams mix of 100% premium Belgian milk and dark chocolates, and sugared almonds
  • Variants: chocolate wafer, almond croquant, fudge brownie, Nutella with hazelnuts, crushed hazelnuts, lotus cream, Nutella with crispy crêpes, and sugared almonds
  • Packaged in a ready-for-gifting jute basket with lavender leaves

With this mouthwatering chocolate gift set, both your senses of taste and smell will forever be grateful.

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