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Deer to Dream

Deer to Dream


Deer to Dream Chocolate Gift Set

Gifting chocolate can’t get any easier, thanks to our Deer to Dream set! This large Christmas chocolate set, made from premium Belgian chocolate, is the ultimate gift for any occasion. Just imagine the crunching of the almonds, pralinés, hazelnuts, crispy crêpes, and smoothness of the wafer and caramel and the dark chocolate cream in your mouth.

You get:

  • 1800 grams of 100% premium Belgian milk and dark chocolate
  • Variants: wafer and caramel, almond, praliné and hazelnut, hazelnut, crispy crêpe, dark chocolate cream
  • Packaged on a ready-for-gifting glass plate

 This exceptionally large chocolate gift is bound to leave any guest overdosing on sweet, chocolate-y goodness. Plus, what better way to celebrate Christmas than having a reindeer on your scrumptious confectionery?

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