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Son of a Nutcracker

Son of a Nutcracker


Son of a Nutcracker Chocolate Gift Tray

Rich in taste and undeniably large size, check out our Son of a Nutcracker Christmas chocolate gift set and gather your loved ones to try these melt-in-your-mouth premium Belgian chocolates. Fudge brownie cupcakes, milk chocolate with smooth lotus cream and Nutella enrobed with crispy crêpe pieces: just to die for.

You get:

  • 1250 grams mix of cupcakes and 100% premium Belgian milk chocolate
  • Variants: fudge brownie, lotus cream, Nutella with crispy crêpe
  • Place in a ready-for-gifting black tray

And we simply can’t just forget about the handsome nutcracker in the middle, enveloping the essence of the Christmas spirit!

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