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Enchanted Eftar - Assorted Sweets Basket

Enchanted Eftar - Assorted Sweets Basket


Dive head first into our Enchanted Eftar chocolate and sweets arrangement, we just know you won’t be able to stop! A perfect blend between creamy and crunchy, these are the Ramadan Belgian chocolates of your dreams. A Belgian chocolate assortment filled with pistachio croquant, marzipan and pistachio malban would certainly be hard to forget.

You get:

  • 900 grams mix of 100% premium Belgian milk chocolate and oriental sweets
  • Flavors: Crushed hazelnuts, pistachio croquant, crispy crêpes, marzipan with pistachio paste, and pistachio malban
  • Packaged in a ready-for-gifting jute tray.

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