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Shaden & Fahed (Pack of 20)

Shaden & Fahed (Pack of 20)

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Created for lovers of subtle but impact design, that your guests will cherish long after the celebrations are over
This wedding invitation has a classic, but also contemporary feel.
-In a white gate fold 27x22 cm envelope template with layered cardboard material gold flower as handle, this invitation is printed in brown in the middle of the floral pattern of the inside of the envelope.
-A matching flower shape entrance card is placed on the inside cover of the box.
-This invitation is placed in a 28x23 cm box of white base and champagne color cover with same flower in white.
-A white bag with an envelope template shape and round laser cut handle is holding this special wedding invitation set.
-Bag 7$ is extra, please contact us.

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