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Marble Marvel - Sweets Gift Tray

Marble Marvel - Sweets Gift Tray


Stopping at one bite is not an option with this abundant assortment of delicious sweets. Elegantly displayed on a gold and white marble tray, this Ramadan gift set will present an explosive combination of flavors and textures. Made with the best flavor fusions, your senses will forever crave the heavenly taste of chocolate, nougat and malban.

 You get:

  • 850 grams of 100% Belgium milk chocolate, and nutty nougat and malban
  • Flavors: Milk chocolate with layers of wafer, dried roses malban, pistachio nougat, arameesh, and malban, and apricot malban.
  • Displayed on a ready-for-gifting gold and white marble tray

Enjoying this assortment of Ramadan sweets will take back your gift receivers down memory lane with their favorite childhood flavors!

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