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Simply Soft

Simply Soft


Simply Soft – Baby Girl Gift

Simply soft in pink and beige! A baby girl sparks so much joy and life into any family. Purchase
this charming pink and beige chocolate gift tray to match the adorable baby’s clothes. This
gorgeous chocolate tray is filled to the brim with scrumptious Belgian chocolates which will hit you
with sweetness like you’ve never had before. And who doesn’t like a cute teddy bear on the side!
You get:
- 800 grams mix of chocolates made from 100% premium Belgian milk chocolate
- Six Flavors: fudge brownie, almond croquant, gianduja praliné with hazelnuts, crushed
hazelnuts, crispy crêpes and sugared almonds
- Packaged in a ready-for-gifting tray with a beige teddy bear
We just know you’ll be in awe from both, the cute baby and her chocolate gift!

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