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Blessing History

1996: Blessing was established by the sisters Rana Koteich Najjar and Rima Koteich El-Husseini in Beirut

2000: Blessing set up its first showroom/workshop in Beirut and started gaining significant exposure in Lebanon and the Gulf countries

2009: Blessing opened its first boutique outside Lebanon, in Bahrain with the Kanoo family as a franchisee

2011: Blessing developed its production, warehouse, offices and retail facilities in Beirut over an area of 3,000 m2 to serve its network of boutiques

2012: By now Blessing has become a registered brand with a widespread reputation recognized by past, existing, and repeat clients

2014: Another boutique was established in Bahrain

2015: Blessing signed a franchise agreement with Areej Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC  in Muscat-­‐‑Oman

2016: A second store was opened in Oman

Today: Blessing has established itself as a market leader in the region offering premium favors, gifts, and chocolates

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